Emerald™ Star-Lite Digital Planetarium


em-star-lite-proj-w-logo-copyThe Emerald™ Star-Lite Portable Digital Planetarium System  is designed for use in educational institutions at all levels for the teaching of Astronomy.  It consists of a digital projector utilizing a high quality fisheye lens and is suitable for projection in domes  of from 5 to 7 meters in diameter plus a variety of accessories. The projector is available also as our Emerald™ Gold-Lite which will accommodate projection in up to 10 meter diameter domes. Our prices are more than competitive with other models currently on the market.

MMI Marketing was founded in 1973 as MMI Corporation and is located  in the USA is a major supplier of portable planetariums and a wide range of educational materials for astronomy. Brochures and Price Lists are available on request. When replying please advise your email address and details about your intended use of the equipment. Please request  our planetarium questionnaire which will help us to assist you with your order.

Additional equipment free with your projector:  Remote touch screen all-dome control console controls the dome images from anywhere within the dome. Free astronomy software with your projector:  1.  Stellarium astronomy program  and  2.  Mocrosoft’s Worldwide Telescope software (WWT).   In addition, you get 16 free planetarium shows to use in your planetarium.

Prices on request.   You will be surprised at our low economical prices for educators.

See also our inflatable planetarium domes as well as our 16 ft. diameter (5 meter) fixed fiberglass dome.

A list of prior customers whom you can contact  is available so you can fee comfortable dealing with our company. Please request.